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Fleet Capacity Solutions

TEN Logistics has an entire team dedicated to sourcing local capacity for dedicated and/or spot requests. Below is summary of just 5 solutions we provide for our customers year round.  For questions or information please call (612)-902-8615 or email

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1. Final Mile and First Mile

Whether you have residential distribution projects that need special attention like liftgate service and inside delivery, warehousing consolidation and deconsolidation on each end, or milk-run pickups and deliveries that require tech forward coordination and planning, we have the capabilities to make sure that the interactions with your valued customers and vendors on each side of the transportation cycle are handled with perfection. A perfect TEN!

2. Pickup and Delivery On-Demand Capacity

Looking for pickup and delivery drivers for temporary capacity, long term solutions requiring specialized equipment and technology, or simply to cover a few vacations? We can work on a very small scale or supply scores of drivers when needed for extremely large operations. Even when the needs are very challenging, and the turnaround time is 24 hours or less, we have a track record of finding a way no matter the need. We simply will not give up until we find a solution that matches your needs. The “TEN” in TEN Logistics stands for Tenacity, and we work to earn that name every day!

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3. Purchase Transportation

Do you have lanes that don't fit well within your fleet/driver ranks? How about lanes that are not regular enough to justify keeping a company driver on staff in your fleet? Lanes that only pop up for certain seasons of the year and then reduce again, making staffing them a hurdle? We can help by offering on-demand capacity for any domestic lane for both short and long term solutions.

4. Drayage

Snow events, seasonal volume changes, construction projects, and bottlenecks caused by railyard and port challenges can all affect any company’s ability to move in and out of port and rail facilities fast enough to avoid costly detention fees. Even if these challenges are not your fault, your company still bears the cost in many cases. Let us help you avoid those unfair penalties by arranging drayage capacity when and where it is needed. We work across the US at railheads as well as ocean ports to keep your operation moving without a hitch and keep your organization from shouldering penalty costs that can easily be avoided with our help.

5. Tech Forward

Generating automation from start to finish. From route optimization capabilities, live tracking updates, to real time barcode scanning and image capture. TEN offers a fully customizable solution to work with most customer systems as well as offering EDI and API connectivity.


Customers can make use of our tracking link to verify deliveries by using order numbers. This link is integrated with TENs TMS system so you will get the most up to date information on the status of your product. 

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